300-4500rpm LED display stable running clinical centrifuge – K-TD-CC-01



– Micro-computer control gives high speed control accuracy

– Digital LCD display for the real-time parameters and the experimental process

– Set and display speed in RPM or G-force

– Brushless DC motor is no pollution and maintenance-free

– The shot spin function is used for quick spins by pressing and holding PULSE key

– Electrical lock can release the lid automatically when rotor stops to save processing time and prevent samples overheating

– Go into a self-diagnostic check when switched on and then displays accumulative running time and last running parameters



Quick Details
Classification: Laboratory Centrifuge
Brand Name: Four E’s Scientific
Model Number: K-TD-CC-01
Speed range: 300-4500rpm, increment: 100
Max. RCF [x g]: 2490, increment: 100
Speed accuracy: ±20rpm
Time range: Timing operation: 30s-99m; continuous operation
Rotor capacity: 10ml/7ml/5ml*12; 15ml*8
Motor: Brushless DC motor
Power: Single-phase, AC110V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3A
Dimension: (L)225 x (W)245 x (H)140mm
Weight: 6kg
Warranty: 24 Months


















Hospital medical laboratory clinical blood PRP centrifuge




Model TD-CC-01
Speed range [rpm] 300-4500, increment:100
Max. RCF [×g] 2490
Speed accuracy [rpm] ±20
Rotor capacity 10mL/7mL/5mLx12; 15mLx8
Time range Timing operation:30s-99m; Continuous operation
Motor Brushless DC motor
Safety devices Door interlock, Over-speed detection;
Automatic internal diagnosis
Power Single-phase, AC110V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3A
Acceleration/Braking time [Sec] 20s↑20s↓
Dimensions [mm] 225(L) x 245(W) x 140(H)
Additional features Speed/RCF switch; Short-time run function; sound-alert function


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