Automatic Chemical Resistant Pan Electromagnetic Machine Mini Mixer Blender Stirrer -K-MI0102001



1. Speed range of 15-1500rpm
2. High IP protection class (IP 65)
3. Automatic reverse rotation for excellent mixing performance
4. Set-up plate and casing are made from chemically resistant materials
5. Slip-proof and stable stand




Quick Details:
Classification: Other
Brand Name: Four E’s Scientific
Model Number: K-MI0102001
Speed range: 15-1500rpm
Max. Stirring Quanity[H2O]: 800ml
Working Plate Material: Front membrane sheet Polyester
Display: Scale
Certificate: CE
Warranty: 24 months














Laboratory Mini Magnetic Stirrer


Model K-MI0102001
Rated voltage [ V AC] 100-240
Rated Frequency [Hz] 50-60
Output Voltage  [V DC] 12
Output Power [W] Min.3
Stirring Mechanism coil drive
Speed Range [rpm] 15-1500
Stirred Quantity (max) [ml] 800
Operating time [%] 100
Protection Class II
Pollution Degree 2
Overvoltage Category II
EN 60529 Protection Class IP 65
Ambient Humidity (Relative) [%] 80
Ambient Temperature [°C] 5 to 40 (in the operation)
Transport Temperature [°C] -25 to +70
Storage Temperature [°C] -10 to +70
Material Front membrane sheet Polyester
Weight [ kg] 0.35
Installed Weight (max) [kg] 2
Set-up surface [mm] Φ100
Dimensions (W x D x H)  [mm] 115 x 175 x 12


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