Basic Burette – K/3108


Capacity Graduation Capacity Flow rate Height
(ml) (ml) Tolerance(ml) (s) (mm)
10 ml 0.05 ml 0.025 ml 30-45 520
25 ml 0.1 ml 0.05 ml 45-70 570
50 ml 0.1 ml 0.05 ml 60-90 770
100 ml 0.2 ml 0.10 ml 70-100 770


Basic Burette

Burette, with rubber tubing connection, glass bead and glass tip

Burette is commonly used in analytical chemistry titration instruments ,and it can only be used alkaline solution. It can be used for acid-base titration experiments.

Key Product Features:
1.Buret for laboratory use
2.Acrylic for durability
3.Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) plastic plunger stopcock for resistance to chemicals, moisture, and high temperatures
4.Suitable for high school or college students, or ages 14 to 21
5.High quality