Boiling flask Round bottom flask thick wall borosilicate3.3 glass 1000ml – K/


Material: glass
Brand: WuBo
Ingredients: High borosilicate 3.3 glass Round bottom thick wall flask



Boiling flask 1000ml round bottom flask

: 1000ml

[Product use]: The round bottom flask is a transparent glass flask with a spherical bottom. It is a heating and reaction vessel commonly used in chemical experiments and is widely used. It can be heated, and it is generally necessary to put on an asbestos net and use it with a holding instrument such as an iron stand.



[Notes on use]:

(1) The bottom of the round bottom flask is relatively thin and has no ribs, and can be used for long-term intense heat.

(2) The flask should be placed on the asbestos web when heated and cannot be heated directly by flame. Round bottom flask containing ferric chloride solution

Round bottom flask containing ferric chloride solution

(3) After the experiment is completed, if there is a pipe, etc., the pipe will be removed first to prevent backflow, and then the heat source will be removed. After cooling, the waste liquid will be treated and washed.

The flask should be covered with asbestos mesh when heated, not exceeding 1/2 of the volume of the flask ( fear that too much solution will easily spill when boiling or the pressure inside the bottle will be too large to explode ) .

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