Boiling flask Round bottom flask thick wall borosilicate3.3 glass 500ml – K/


Material: glass
Brand: WuBo
Ingredients: High borosilicate 3.3 glass Round bottom thick wall flask




  • Safe use:

1 should be placed on the asbestos net to heat it evenly; when heated, there should be no water droplets on the outer wall of the flask.

2 flat-bottomed flasks cannot be used for heating for a long time.

3 When not heating, if a flat-bottomed flask is used as the reaction vessel, it is not necessary to fix it with an iron stand.

The main purpose:

(1) Reactor between liquid and solid or liquid.

(2) Assembly gas reaction generator (normal temperature, heating).

(3) Distillation or fractionation of liquid (using a branched flask, also known as a distillation flask).

Precautions for use:

(1) The injected liquid does not exceed 2/3 of its volume, not less than 1/3 of its volume.

(2) Use asbestos net when heating to make it evenly heated.

(3) Distillation or fractionation should be used with rubber plugs, conduits, condensers, etc. Distillation flask A glass vessel used for liquid distillation or fractionation of materials. It is often used in conjunction with a condenser, a liquid pipe, and a liquid adapter. A gas generator can also be assembled.