constant temperature hot plate magnetic stirrer motor with heating – K-MI0102002



1.LED digital display for easy reading
2. Hot surface warning to prevent burns
3. High safety and strong stirring performance
4. 3D digital wheel adjustment of speed and temperature
5. Brushless DC motor is maintenance-free and explosion-proof
6. Temperature is up to 310°C and t he safety temperature is 50-320°C
7. Double internal temperature sensor PT1000 and one external PT1000
8. Enclosed heating plate design reduces the risk of liquid splashing into the equipment
9. Optimized PID program control provides extremely high accuracy of temperature and speed
10. Automatically identifies temperature sensor PT1000 and transfer to PT1000 operation mode
11. Stainless Steel with ceramic coated heating plate allows for optimum heat transfer and easy to clean



Quick Details
Classification: Laboratory Heating Equipments, Laboratory magnetic stirre
Brand Name: Four E’s Scientific
Model Number: K-MI0102002
Product name: hotplate magnetic stirrer
Heating temperature: max. 310 °C
Speed range: 150 – 1500[rpm]
Stirring quantity (H2O): max. 20 Liters
Set-up plate material: stainless steel with ceramic coated
Motor type: Brushless DC motor
Warranty: 24 Months
















Model K-MI0102002
Stirring positions 1
Set-up plate dimensions Ø 135 mm
Set-up plate material Aluminum alloy with ceramic coated
Motor type Brushless DC motor
Max. stirring quantity (H2O) [L] 20
Max. stirring bar [L x Φ, mm] 55*10
Motor rating input [W] 30
Motor rating output [W] 20
Speed range [rpm] 50-1500
Speed display LED
Heating output [W] 600
Heating temperature range [°C] Room temp.- 310
Temperature display LED
Temperature display accuracy [°C] ±0.1
Safety temperature [°C] 50-320
External temperature sensor PT1000
Control accuracy with external temperature sensor PT1000 [°C] ±1
Hot surface warning 50°C
Permissible ambient temperature [°C] 5-40
Permissible relative humidity 80%
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 42
Voltage [VAC] 200-240/100-120
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Power[W] 650
Dimensions [W x D x H, mm] 250 x 148 x 85
Weight 1.9 kg

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