funnel vacuum filter solvent filtration apparatus – K/6106


Funnel(ML) Conical Flask(ML)
10 ml 125 ml
15 ml 125 ml
25 ml 125 ml
300 ml 250 ml
300 ml 500 ml
300 ml 1000 ml
300 ml 2000 ml
300 ml 3000 ml
300 ml 5000 ml



Vacuum suction filter device is a kind of sand-core filter equipment, you also could name it vacuum filtration apparatus, membrane filter, microfiltration filtration apparatus, be used to do:

1. Mainly used in water phase, organic phase, and corrosive liquid filter, used for specific pollutants analysis.

2. Particularly recommended for HPLC mobile phase filtering and degassing, prevent HPLC liquid road blocking.

3. Widely used in accuracy of detection, weight analysis, trace analysis, colloid separation, and sterility test,etc.

4. Suitable for chemical analysis, sanitary inspection, environmental monitoring, biological products, pharmaceutical industry, scientific research, filter particles and bacteria.

Such as oilfield water injection, analysis of suspended solid concentration, membrane filter coefficient, particle diameter and sterility test, cultivate bacteria aseptic filtration.