K/TD3(TXT3) Cyto centrifuge


Cyto Centrifuge widely used in immune hematology laboratories, for erythrocyte serological experiments, antigens, antibodies and the determination of the results of the Coombs test, etc., is a hospital blood bank at all levels, the experiment Rooms, blood stations, medical schools and medical research institutions essential equipment.



Technical performance

Microcomputer control, DC brushless motor, stable operation, low noise and high speed accuracy.
Touch panel, programmable operation, operation data can be set according to demands and stored automatically.
LED display, user-friendly interface,simple and convenient operations.
The real-time conversation of Speed and RCF is convenient for operation.
It has self-locking device, lid safety device, over-speed safety device, and automatic alarm device, etc.

Cyto centrifuge is a food grade silicone rubber integral seal that is GMP certified.

Cyto centrifuge is suitable for hospital clinical testing, biological, chemical laboratory and blood station, plasma station for blood and other samples, is the latest generation of products with specialized functions. Controlled by microcomputer, drove by a variable frequency motor, no carbon dust pollution, the inner cavity is made from high quality stainless steel, fast lifting, easy to operate, low noise and low vibration.