Pharmaceutical centrifuge


Pharmaceutical centrifuges have a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Centrifugal processes use the powerful centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge rotor to accelerate the sedimentation rate of particles in the liquid, separating the sedimentation coefficients and buoyancy-density materials in the sample.



How to use a pharmaceutical centrifuge

(1) Before use, first check whether the mechanical parts are in good condition.

(2) The level meter washings are evenly placed in the inner rotating cage.

(3) Start the motor so that the inner cage gradually speeds up. According to the type of fabric, the drying is generally completed in 5-10 minutes.

(4) Press the “Stop” button to de-energize the motor. After the dehydrator has been naturally decelerated for a period of time, the brake handle is operated to perform intermittent braking operation to achieve the inner cage stop.

(5) After the machine is stopped, the fabric can be taken out.

Pharmaceutical centrifuge use precautions

(1) Different fabrics with different water absorption properties should be dehydrated separately.

(2) The newly installed dewatering machine or newly connected wires must ensure that the motor rotates in the correct direction.

(3) When the fabric is severely shaken due to severe unevenness, immediately turn off the power switch, re-distribute the fabric and then dehydrate it.

(4) Do not overload the fabric. In particular, pay special attention when removing other items that are not clothing.