Timing Continuous operation stable running professional hematocrit centrifuge – K-TD-HC-07



1. Precise control speed and time with efficient separation
2. Speed range of 200-14000rpm, Max. RCF 18620xg
3. Pulse operation for q uick spins
4. Brushless DC motor
5. LCD digital display
6. Rotor capacity
Hematocrit rotor: 24 capollary
Max. speed: 12000rpm
Tube rotor: 1.5/2mL x 24
Max. speed: 14000rpm



Quick Details
Classification: Laboratory Centrifuge
Brand Name: Four E’s Scientific
Model Number: K-TD-HC-07 Hematocrit Centrifuge
Speed range: 200-14000, increment: 100
Max. RCF [x g]: 18620xg, increment: 10xg
Speed accuracy: ±30rmp
Time range: Timing operation: 30s-99m Continuous operation
Rotor capacity: 1.5/2ml/x24 (14000rpm), capillary tubers x 24 (12000rpm)
Motor: Brushless DC motor
Power: Single-phase, AC110V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3A
Dimension: 280x364x266mm
Weight: 6KG
Warranty: 24 Months


















Hospital Clinical Laboratory High Speed  Hematocrit Centrifuge




Model TD-HC-07
Max. Speed [rpm] 200-14000, increment:10
Max. RCF [×g] 18620, increment: 10
Speed accuracy [rpm] ±30rpm
Rotor capacity Tube rotor: 1.5/2ml/×24 (14000rpm);
Hematocrit rotor: capillary tubers x 24 (12000rpm)
Time range Timing operation: 30s-99m
Continuous operation
Driving motor Brushless DC motor
Safety devices Door interlock, Over-speed detector; Over-temperature detector; 
Automatic internal diagnosis; Automatic rotor identification


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