500 ml three neck Round bottom Flasks – K/


Material: glass
Brand: WuBo
Ingredients: High borosilicate 3.3 glass Round bottom thick wall flask with three necks



The 500 ml Round bottom Flask with three necks is a chemical instrument , also known as a three-necked flask, a three-necked flask, and a three-necked round bottom flask.

The three-necked flask is a commonly used chemical glass instrument and is widely used in organic chemistry experiments.


The three-necked flask and the multi-necked flask were produced by blowing a bottle body in a mold of a short neck thick-mouth flask on a large furnace, and then welding the respective mouths to the shoulders of the flask body on the lamp. The multi-necked flask was a short-neck, thick-mouth, round-bottomed flask with three (three-neck) and four-neck (four-neck) flasks welded around the shoulder of the bottle. The angle of the bottleneck is divided into two types: straight neck and torticollis. Multi-port, mainly for complex experimental operations, can be equipped with more supporting instruments at the same time.

Basically the same as the round bottom flask, but because of its thick mouth, short neck, and many mouths, the mounting accessories can be increased, and the installation is labor-saving and convenient. Under normal circumstances, a stir bar is installed in the middle port, a separatory funnel is installed at one edge, a fractionating tube and a condenser tube are installed at one edge, and a thermometer is installed at one edge.

It is suitable for laboratory synthesis of organic substances, or for more complicated boiling, fractionation and purification operations. It is often equipped with a thermometer, a condenser, a stir bar, a separatory funnel, etc. to assemble a fractionation unit, a distillation unit or a reflux unit. 250-3000mL for constant analysis, 5000-10000mL for industrial small batch production