Transparent-dropping-bottle-high-quality-125ml – K/


Material: glass
Brand: WuBo
Specification:125ml high-quality



Modeling: The main body is a non-seal small-mouth reagent bottle with a frosted dropper and a rubber cap. The upper end of the dropper has a flap to prevent the nested latex from falling off, and the lower end of the dropper is made into a slender mouth. In order to control the amount of liquid dripping, a bulb in the middle of the dropper is adapted to the taper of the mouth of the bottle body for running-in to seal.



How to use: Wash the dropping bottle first, fill the drop bottle with the required reagent standard solution, and insert the dropper into the bottle. Gently press the latex cap on the upper end of the dropper with your finger, then let go, the test solution can be sucked into the dropper, then moved to the instrument where the titration is required, and then the finger is gently pressed to make the liquid drop. Drip out. After use, insert the dropper into the dropper bottle. If you want to do the titration operation, you must first determine the number of milliliters per drop of the dropper according to the method of measuring the dropper. It is convenient.
Uses: It is suitable for medical and health, industrial and mining enterprises, universities and other units of laboratories, for storing various reagent standard solutions, indicator solutions, for spot analysis, or other solutions for general transfer of liquids.